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  • Properties Of Mesh Fabrics
      Designed by a British textile owner in 1888, adopted by sportswear manufacturers in the 1980s, and a popular item in fashion for many years: mesh fabric. It's stretchy, very strong, breathable, and... an essential for every couturier.   Mesh fabrics are used in the manufacture of products for activities such as sports, camping, hunting, and fishing. Here are some examples of commodities...
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  • Types Of Warp Knitting
      In warp knitting, yarns are supplied to the knitted fabric parallel to the weaving direction of the fabric (also known as the wale direction). Each needle in the needle bar is fitted with its own separate yarn, which is deflected laterally between the needles in order to form the fabric and interlock the threads and create a zigzag pattern. The warp-knitted structure consists of two main...
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  • The History Of Velvet
      Originally, velvet was made from natural animal fibers such as silk, wool, mohair, and later natural vegetable fibers such as cotton and linen. The best velvet is of course silk, which makes the fabric soft and shiny and is especially precious. Velvet is also a type of velvet fabric.   Velvet fabric is a woven tufted fabric with soft, short, dense piles. It is suitable for curtains and...
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  • Making Of Corduroy Fabric
      You might be surprised to learn that there are many fabrics in the textile industry whose names you may not know. Can't believe it? Have you heard of corduroy before? Do you know what is polyester corduroy fabric in detail? If you've never heard of corduroy fabrics, or you'd like to learn more about corduroy fabrics, you've come to the right place. While corduroy is one of the most...
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  • Craftsmanship Of Industrial Warp Knitting Base Fabrics
       How are industrial warp knitting base fabrics made? Let us explain to you today.   Warp knitting offers material construction flexibility unmatched by many other methods. From flexible multi-layer materials for automotive interiors and flame retardant fabrics to advanced material processes for lamination of various medical fabrics, protective clothing and equipment, the use of...
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