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  • Prehistoric proof of immortality
    The blood God opened his mouth lightly as if the contradiction between them had really been put down OK Huntian Wen Yan can not help but look deeply at the blood God as if to see through the idea in his heart but the blood God's face is very flat can not see the joy and anger in his heart Seeing this Huntian's thoughts turned rapidly in his heart his eyes twinkled and after a few breaths he...
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  • Yan Huo
    Hearing the hidden meaning of her words he felt a little better kissed her forehead and listened to her answer "What's more from a political point of view I'm not a good candidate for the Crown Princess am I" He sighed lightly "I thought that even an emperor would be self-willed several times in his life" The father willfully gave the world to the mother and the uncle willfully refused to set...
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  • Full-time master
    Jun Moxiao suddenly used the skill of this crazy sword department and rushed forward. The attack of the flame amulet. Unlike the ice amulet, which has a state that can't be ignored, it's still tolerable to eat hard. Gai Caijie was obviously not prepared for such a tough encounter with Ye Xiu. Jun Moxiao hit, against the green drive to continue to rush forward, and pulled the distance from the...
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  • Lake and sea eagles fly
    Muller and Zhuo Mu, the first masters in Huijiang, are upright, chivalrous and courageous. Although they do not covet the location map of the "Crystal Secret Record", they feel that they have lost all their glory. They are quite upset. Then they gently hand over their hands and say to the chivalrous heroes with a smile: "Farewell to you. I will go first. I will see you later.." Tie Baylor, a...
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  • The Empress Who Sells Her Body (Part Two)
    "Sir?" Cheng Fei asked in surprise. "How can Xuan Ye's life be so smooth?" He continued to laugh softly, and his relaxed expression seemed to be a joke. The word "Xuan Ye" is the name of the present emperor. Ke Shan actually dares to call the emperor's name so directly, which shows that he doesn't have the respect for this "emperor" that ordinary courtiers should have, and even his attitude is...
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  • Fall in love with him
    What?! Who is in charge of the company now? If Mom and Dad see that my eldest brother is not here, maybe the first thing they think of is Shanghai, where my second brother and I live. That's when they come to arrest people. What if they take me and my second brother back to France by the way? "I left it to the vice president. It won't be an accident in a short time. And can you keep your mouth...
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  • Douluo Mainland _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise
    "化龙 ? Can a whale turn into a dragon? Tang San asked curiously. Poseidon said indifferently, "Don't think that the dragon I'm talking about is the same as the dragon you knew before.". If it can turn into a dragon successfully, it is the real Poseidon Dragon. Do you know how many years it takes? For the soul beast, it takes a whole million years, during which it has to survive nine disasters....
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