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  • Know Ways to Make a Pot of Chinese Tea
    Prepared all of GREEN TEA 9371 set (Tea leaves, Tea pot and cup, sharepot, tea filter etc);Boiling water till it 90°c aside and wait(Remember: Don’t use boiling hot water);First round: warm your teapot and tea cup with boiling water and pour it away;Take about 5 grams tea leaves in tea pot or Gaiwan(Tea bowl) ;Filled boiling water and steeping less than 30 sec filter out for warming...
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  • Know Healthy Alternatives to China Green Tea
    Health benefit of CHINA GREEN TEA is known to us all. We cannot ignore the fact that this is an excellent source of various nutrients as well as anti-oxidants. Green tea works like magic in losing weight. And tea is also necessary for our health. Regular drinking of Tea leads to fewer chances of growing stroke, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis etc. In spite of various nutrients, the taste is...
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  • Drinking Chunmee 9371 Is Helpful to Memory
    If you experience issues when it comes to memory and concentration, you may be interested in hearing about anything that can provide relief for these concerns. There have been many studies conducted about tea and its role in memory. Read this article to learn more about this connection and if tea may be able to help you improve your memory and focus. WHICH TEA IS BEST?There are a few types of...
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  • Know How GUNPOWDER 3505 Is Produced
    The method of growing and harvesting GUNPOWDER 3505 can have a significant effect on its overall aroma and taste profile. Generally speaking, each tea-producing region of the world has its own unique climate, as well as a specific approach to growing and harvesting, and that accounts for the differences in taste. The best tea-growing conditions are in Asia, which is why China has become such a...
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  • Precautions for Drinking Green Tea 3505
    GREEN TEA 3505 belongs to herbal tea, which can produce body fluids to quench thirst and clear away heat. In the hot summer, drinking green tea in moderation can neutralize the heat and refresh your mind. Because green tea is slightly cold, it is not suitable for people with weak stomachs to drink too much. Green tea is good, but people with heart and brain diseases should still drink it in...
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  • Benefits of China Green Tea 41022 Are Introduced
      1. anti-aging   The antioxidants contained in CHINA GREEN TEA help fight aging. Because of the human body's metabolism process, if it is over-oxidized, it will produce a large number of free radicals, which is easy to age and can also cause cell injury. Sod (superoxide disproportionation) is a free radical scavenger, which can effectively remove excess free radicals and prevent the damage of...
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  • You Need to Drink More Chunmee 9371
    CHUNMEE 9371 has long been linked with positive health outcomes. It is full of antioxidants that have been associated with the prevention of many ailments, including cancer. Despite these associations, there have been no evidence-based suggestions on the quantity of green tea needed to prevent cancer. There are also no specific guidelines on which types of cancer may be prevented by drinking...
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  • Trust Baoda Gunpowder 305 AAA
    For many, no drink is more synonymous with good health than GUNPOWDER 3505 AAA, the ancient Chinese beverage known for its soothing aroma and abundance of antioxidants. By some estimates, Americans drink nearly 10 billion servings of green tea each year. But a new report by an independent laboratory shows that green tea can vary widely from one cup to the next. Some bottled varieties appear to...
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  • Do You Consider Chunmee 9371?
    1. Perfect your porridgeDo you treasure your morning bowl of delicious warm oatmeal or breakfast quinoa? Instead of using plain water or milk to cook it, try using brewed green tea. Just boil some water, steep the tea for several minutes and then discard the bags. Cook the grains of your choice in the tea just as you would normally use water. Tip: To balance the flavor of your porridge without...
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  • We Give An Introduction of Chunmee 41022 Wet And Dry Warehouse
       People who like CHUNMEE 41022 often encounter two concepts: dry warehouse and wet warehouse. For those who are new to Pu'er tea, they are ignorant when they hear these two professional terms for the first time. For the veteran, the vocabulary is understood but it is not easy to distinguish.   Green Tea Factory introduces the meaning of dry warehouse and wet warehouse    Dry warehouse, as the...
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