Opening a hairdressing and beauty salon has good commercial significance because people always spend time and money to take care of their appearance. In fact, despite the recession, the hair and beauty salon industry worldwide is still growing, and this trend is expected to continue as the population grows.

Assuming you have developed a business plan, the following are the most important hairdressing supplies required for a fully functional hair salon:

Modeling Salon Furniture

You can choose a star or disc chair with a height adjustment function. Depending on the image you want to project to the hair salon and beauty salon, the styling and barber chair can be traditional or very modern in design and color.

Rearview mirror

You need a large rearview mirror with a bracket and a smaller hand-held rearview mirror in case the customer wants to check the updo. Similarly, you can use the color of the frame to match the look you want to achieve for the salon.

Cleaning point

These are reclining and washable recliners with leg rests, tilting washbasins, faucets and hot and cold water pipes. Some brands are very luxurious and comfortable, and customers will sleep while washing their hair or washing their hair.


It should have all the functions of keeping records and other content, but it should also be stylish. The reception desk may be the first thing customers see in your hairdressing and beauty salon, so make a deep impression.

hair dryer

A delicate hairstyle requires a hood dryer to maintain its shape. Hand-held compact hair dryers are also important. In fact, they are used more often in hair dryers and beauty salons to dry and style hair.

Salon towel

You need a lot of soft and durable cotton towels to successfully run a hair salon. Look for stain-resistant salon towels so you don't have to worry about them being damaged by chemicals in cosmetics and hair products.

Hair clipper

These include electric clippers and different types of hairdressing scissors. The latter is divided into diluents and bulking agents, divided into sachets, boxes and sheaths.

Razor and blade

Male customers usually expect to perform a shaving ritual after a haircut, so your hair and beauty salon should have a set of safety razors. Today's new generation razors have an ergonomic handle with a ring for easy use. They also have replaceable blades and blade extractors.

Beauty clothing/apron

Unless you want to comb your hair on the entire clothes and the customer’s hair, the hairdressing apron and the customer’s gown that should be prepared for the barber are the most basic Hair and Beauty Supplies. These items were once the basic covering of boring colors. Now, they appear in fancy shades and styles, making the salon experience more interesting and relaxing.

Water spray

The humble water spray is important for making hair easier to trim. However, it can also be used to spray solutions, such as sea water, to make hair easier to style. Now, the spray water comes in candy colors, such as pink, orange and mint green, making them the most fashionable hairdressing products around.

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