Hulu and Roku has given the new dimensions to the entertainment world by providing platform for the viewers to watch the desired content at their own time, own wish and according to their convenience. This digital transformation from cinema halls to particular media houses to mobile phones is brought by Roku.  This American digital media player enables streaming media content from numerous providers like Hulu.  We all must have heard about the Netflix and its growth worldwide. It came into the partnership with Roku in year 2008 to present the first model. The Roku has a prominent place in the digital market. Roku is considered instrumental in bringing set-top boxes in the arena. is the brainchild of Anthony Wood who brought it in year 2002.  Wood is also known for many such ventures and worked with Netflix for the development of digital transmission of media content in controlled manner.  Roku brought the concept of set-top-box in year 2008. Roku released other models later in October 2009 and went on to providing services to Amazon. The Roku released updated versions later on. The first-generation Roku models ended in September 2015. Since then almost every year Roku has been upgraded from first to second to third till seventh generation.


Hulu, an American video service provider, on the other hand in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal has been in the digital market since very long.  Hulu is one of the biggest networks providing strength to the television.  Hulu, interestingly means Bottle guard in Chinese, seems to be inspired by the names like Apple, Blackberry, Raspberry, Spice, Papaya, Cherry etc. Hulu brought many seasons of entertaining serials having good count of episodes from various companies which made the audiences very entertained.  Later Hulu came up with IPTV service in the year 2017 named “Hulu with Live TV” which enabled it to raise the number of viewers. As per the recent reports Hulu has more than 35 million subscribers.  Before the site, Hulu had launched its first network developed by New York based NBC Universal in year 2007.  Hulu used NBC’s broadcast for advertisement campaign and was came in limelight.  Big investors started taking interest in Hulu and its products.  The Walt Disney also started taking interest and taken stakes in the Hulu and thereafter given rights of sharing the content from ABC and Disney channels in the year 2009.  Then the turning point came when the profits grew more than the whole year 2009 in just six months of 2010.  The popularity was touching new records when Hulu reached top positions having just Youtube above them.  Hulu denied its selling to rule out all the rumors that were around the corner in year 2011. In the year 2013, FOX Network president officially took over as CEO of Hulu.

Initially the Hulu was streaming its own web series.  Many more programs are lined up to be streamed on Hulu. Hulu had tried its expansion plans globally but still working on it. Hulu has planned its launch international arena in year 2021.  Hulu has been awarded many prestigious awards which are endless for different categories.