Target market and location

I cannot emphasize too much the importance of identifying the target market. Regarding Beauty Supply Store, your target market may include industry experts, such as beauticians, manicurists, beauticians, salon owners, or even students of beauty schools, or a store may directly target consumers, or a store that caters to the industry Experts and consumers.


For location, please check the business near the store. Check how many beauty salons or beauty schools are nearby, and what other shopping destinations (such as grocery stores and shopping centers) are near the store. The more convenient the location, the greater the chance of building a loyal customer base. The hair stylist may stop during lunch break to pick up some of the products needed, or someone shopping in the grocery store may stop and pick up shampoo that the grocery store may not carry.

In stock

Inventory is the biggest operating expense of beauty shops. Judging from past experience, the most successful Beauty Supply Store will keep abreast of the latest trends and store popular products accordingly. Customers want to buy the latest beauty products. The beauty industry is very popular, which means inventory is constantly changing. For example, blue nail polish may be hot in spring, but it will become obsolete in summer. Don't pay full price for items that won't be popular in a few months. If you can’t get rid of old inventory, sell it at a discount anyway. In addition, inventory must be managed and tracked to ensure that employee theft does not occur.

Fanola Products information

Product knowledge is crucial in the beauty products industry. Customers will ask questions and want your comments. This is a good opportunity to make suggestions and increase sales. Knowing what you are talking about will make you an expert in the industry and build your trust and credibility with your customers. It is also imperative to provide excellent customer service. Product knowledge and more personal customer service will help you compete with large retailers.

Market development

Beauty supply stores for industry professionals generate additional revenue by selling salon equipment and designs. Please check whether the store you are interested in is suitable for the market. If so, you need to educate yourself about trends. If not, you might consider this option when you take over.


Check the marketing plan of the current owner. Is the company using any social media (blog, YouTube) or participating in any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)? If not, you need to add social media to your marketing strategy. Social media is a valuable tool that not only allows you to sell products, but also proves that you are an expert in the field.


According to, beauty shop owners will have to rely on the introduction of new products to stimulate store sales in the next five years. Competition in discount stores such as Wal-Mart and pharmacies is intensifying, so although revenue remains strong, the organization expects competition in the beauty store market to increase.

In addition to checking competition and checking finances, paying attention to the target market, location, inventory, products, potential market and use of will all help you consider buying a beauty shop.