Wearing at the feet of Air Jordan 11, carbon fiber has undoubtedly become one of the most eye-catching materials in Jordan's flagship series. As a way to express feelings, New Jordan is further focusing on the 2021 Air Jordan 1 Mid "carbon fiber". Just a few days ago, the couple was nicknamed their important debut at next year’s All-Star weekend (shortly after the NBA season officially reopened in December). In terms of structure, the cladding will provide nominal materials, just part of the layer on the heel counter and ankle flaps. Looking forward, the toe caps and eye pads prefer patents, one with a similar but not identical luster to the above materials. Under the white smooth leather line, the simple palette is capped with matching wings, trapeze brand, and midsole.

Although 2020 has been flooded with Hot Sale Jordans classics (or at least rumors about their return), in this year, the latest proposal in this category was also launched: Zoom BB NXT. This car will initially be unveiled at the Tokyo Olympics, but its durability and comfort have always been praised. The Nike React foam on the bottom of the shoe echoes the zoom effect of the forefoot, while the fabric upper lays the foundation for the contrasting accent, which has random-shaped stripes from the forefoot to the heel. The silhouette of the swoosh logo on the side profile is different from the two-tone color scheme of the two. The orange arrangement is also used as a supplement to the above stripes, and the Air Zoom brand of the foot cushioning system.

Like the rest of the world, Los Angeles has experienced changes directly affected by Covid-19 in the past eight months. However, unlike other cities in the world, it has recently hosted several sports championships, which is exciting. The nightlife in the West Coast Center may not be this time last year, but this does not prevent a kid in Akron from using Nike LeBron 18 "Los Angeles By Night" to commemorate it. The upcoming pair of shoes is "Light Cream", which is the opposite of "Los Angeles By Day". The Flyknit structure is indulged in ultra-vibrant "Prime Pink" hue and orange tones. The airbags on the laces and tongue are designed in the same bold blue and green, reminiscent of the Nike ACG series of options; these two tones also add vitality to the tail, the former replaces the power-focused heel Molded structure, the latter's movement patterns are inspired by California cities. The sole unit is divided into two colors of makeup, and the Max Air cushion makes the tool more prominent, facing the forefoot. Nevertheless, the high-definition palette provides the feeling of walking (or riding a horse) from one location to another in Los Angeles.