I am thinking about become a Non-Member to conserve a few of my RL money for things that matters. I am trying to RS gold think of the disadvantages of becoming a non-member. My listing Cons: Earning money becomes more challenging. Swiftswitch screenshots stuff up when leveling (does anybody know if it works properly in swiftkit? ) ) Place and things restricted. Few abilities to train and most become more difficult to level. 3k Trade cap rather than 20k+. Have to lose my things suck torso and emptiness set. Advantages: Smaller, more streamlined lender. Can level abilities simpler because there are not any things to distract me.

Best Armor For Leg's Slot. So I wish to receive the best armor I will find to wear on my legs. After a little research, I discovered 4 unique ones which are about the exact same stat-wise, and I am wondering what's the best. Moreover, how is Barrows armor repaired? Veracs plate: Strike: -21 magic, -7 range. Dharoks platelegs: Attack: -21 magical, -7 range, Defense: +85 stab, +82 slash, +83 crush, -4 magical, +92 range.

Attacks do more damage as the participant's hitpoints reduction, your strength will be doubled when beneath 10% wellbeing. Guthans chainskirt: Strike: -14 magical, -7 range, Defense: +75 stab, +72 slash, +73 crush, -4 magical, +82 variety, +30 summoning, Successful attacks have a chance of replenishing the player's health by the damage brought by a 1:1 ratio.

I just went kaphite queen hunting and was overwelmed and teled with a friend that lvl 88. I wonder what should I change if I want to sucsessfully kill the queen? I'm lvl 92. Stats: Atk 71, Def: 71, Hp: 72. I used full veracs and I brought 2 prayer pots (4), 1 def kettle (3), 1 antipoison (4), d scimmy, ectophial (what I teled with), and stuffed the remainder of my inventory with sharks.

Make some tips on how I can improve my installation or what stats I must train. Change the ectophial into some Lumbridge tele tabletcomputer, the antipoison you need to change to some super one, d scimmy need to switch to a dds or a mace, the def should switch to some super def and replace 2 sharks using a super attack along with a super power. I'll be likely f2p in about 5 days and I have sold my member stuff and landed myself with 2.5 milI was thinking about going for 99 fire making while f2p, or if I place it buy rs gold paypal towards another skill?