Both fully automatic heat transfer printing machine and UV printers are commonly used printers in the printing industry. If you want to say which heat transfer machine or UV printer is better? It depends on what product you need to print, which is more suitable and time-saving.

The heat transfer machine is actually a traditional printing process, which has been spread to China for more than ten years. In these ten years, the heat transfer technology of the heat transfer machine has been well developed. The heat transfer machine is to first use the heat transfer film to print the pattern that needs heat transfer on the surface of the film, and then use the heat transfer machine to transfer the pattern to the surface of the product. Because the pattern is integrated with the ink on the surface of the object, the attachment force is very strong. Now the heat transfer machine technology of the heat transfer machine has been developed, not only can the color of the product be rich and lifelike, but also the high technology it contains is also very good. Many materials are now dependent on foreign countries, and the cost is relatively high.

The UV printer requires the user to input a print output instruction on the computer, and then the UV printer accepts it and then prints and executes it. The pattern presented is only on the surface of the object. UV printers are generally used for printing. The selection of materials is very convenient and the cost is cheaper than thermal transfer machines.

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