I sort of wish the game had been given more time prior to launch so a few of those features would have been on Animal Crossing Bells day one (so that each update did not feel like playing catch-up into New Leaf). It is not like this is a poor entrance, but in looking at the sheer amount of items in New Leaf by comparison it can be a tough pill to swallow.Yeah I only play it bit by bit, I don't understand how my gf performs it as long as she does, but I'm just happy she's gambling, I play it a bit at work, amass some shit sell it watch the stores if there is any clothing and I'm pretty much done for the day.

I did get burnt out, particularly once I ended terraforming my island how I wanted it, made neighborhoods, placed buildings in their respective areas. I could always enhance and add things, but I'm sick of my island. One day following summer started, I just discovered that I was not playing anymore.

To begin a new one is too daunting, knowing that I must put in the exact same time to get there.The problem is also that people spent a lot of time on one game rather than different games or hobbies. Especially those who struck the hundreds after a month or two two.I just can't for the Life Span of me pick it up again after 400 hours played since launching lol

Individuals who hurried through the match, got all of the current items they wanted, or finished their island are largely the ones they are bored. And of course the ones with completed islands are not pleased with the gameplay, I am just talking about a section of these people.

It's a slow paced lifestyle sport. It was never supposed to have continuous events to keep you amused every week with fresh things like Pocket Camp.I got over 100 hours and that I have to pay off my loan, complete the memorial, achieve my perfect landscaping and get gold flowers.

I believe people just blitzed through all of the content manner too fast.Yup. I really don't like those kind of complaints when there are different games to play as well. Can not get sucked into one match and then say there isn't enough content. I am sure some of the player foundation is gone anyways just because they simply picked up a switch and ACNH because of they hype. I've seen of YT movies of girls saying they do not play games but they just HAD to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket have ACNH cause aesthetic.