No Job Too Big Or Too Small

Having spent the last twenty years of our lives building decks in the Pakenham, we won’t tell you your job is too big or too small. Some homeowners are looking for multi-level decks that are larger than some homes; others need a spot to place a chair and a plant. Regardless of what your deck building needs are at Brentwood Garages, we can help. Our team of deck builders are licensed, and we only do things with quality in mind. From permitting to building to final inspections, the Brentwood team will be with you to help.


Deck Pakenham Options

Without seeing very many decks, it can be hard to tell what a good for your home would be. It is essential to choose a deck that not only works from a structure standpoint but an aesthetics standpoint as well. Making sure that your deck flows with the rest of your house is very important. At Brentwood, we can give you some inspiration and examples so that you can see your options before you decide on the final plan for your deck.


What Can A Deck Be Used For?

One of the things we love most about deck projects in Pakenham is that a deck can be whatever you need it to be. Ultimately your deck will be built for a mix of fun and function. Some homeowners will combine their deck with a pergola to provide year-round comfort and protection from the sun. There are many additions and alterations that we can make to a deck to have it fit your needs perfectly. When your deck is finished, you won’t believe the use that you will get out of an addition like this.


Time, Budget and Quality

There is no debating the fact that at the construction project at your home can be intrusive. We will do our best to get your project completed in a timely matter, within your budget. Our experience helps us to have this process be very well organised and efficient. If you are worried about the cost of a deck in Pakenham, don’t be afraid to disclose this information. There are sometimes things we can do and the options we have to help lower the cost of your deck project. That being said, we will never sacrifice quality in our deck installations.


Licensed and Experienced Deck Builders Pakenham

Hiring a contractor that has experience will save you a headache or two. A deck installation will add value and space to your Pakenham home. We pride ourselves on making sure that the deck building and installation is a process that you enjoy. The Brentwood Garages and Carport team will be available to assist and support throughout the entire project. We will give you proper guidelines for deck care and maintenance to make sure that your deck lasts for years to come. With over twenty years in the industry, we know a thing or two about decks in the Pakenham area, and we want to share our expertise with you.

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