Corrlinks Login:- According to Corrlinks is the official email system used by the Bureau of Prisons to allow inmates to connect with the outside world. Corrlinks was considered a wonderful service to use to connect with friends and relatives who were sadly locked in jail.

Corrlinks operates under a fee-based scheme, so inmates have to pay for emails to be sent/received. By using Corrlinks, when spending their time in jail, people would be able to provide safe connections with the ones they loved. All communications from Corrlinks are controlled for safety purposes by third parties.

This service offers direct email access to federal inmates, unlike commercial sites that allow you to send an email to an inmate that is printed and mailed. As if the mail was coming through the prison mail room, all messages are screened the same way.

It is very easy to use Corrlinks. You must first create an email address so you can log in. To be able to obtain an account with Corrlinks, you need to fill in all the requisite details and personal information.

When this is completed, you can check your email to see if your request for an account has been replied to by the Corrlinks system. All the information and account confirmations will be in the email that you should receive, so you will be able to log in to Corrlinks and start interacting with inmates when you have received the confirmation email.

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