Most of us use Fanola Shampoo in our daily hair care routine, but can we really make the most of it? There are many simple hair care strategies that can significantly improve the appearance of the hair just by changing the way the shampoo is used. Here are 5 tips for using shampoo to protect and groom your hair to keep your hair in its best condition.

You don’t necessarily need to change shampoo from time to time

It depends on which shampoo you use. Most salon hair care products do not form residues on the hair. This is one of the reasons why investing in professional hair care products in Beauty Supply Store is worthwhile. They use higher quality ingredients, and the solutions tend to be more concentrated, which means that their lifespan will be longer than street brands. Washing your hair so frequently without using any other hair care products is a good way to rest your hair.

Use protein-rich shampoo on fine or thin hair

Different hairs will benefit from different types of hair care products. If your hair is thin or thin, you may need to strengthen it. The protein-rich shampoo can increase the strength of the hair, so it is less delicate and easily damaged. Thin or fine hair can also benefit from rich hair care products. It is best to ask what type of product your designer should use.

If your hair is frizzy or dry, choose a moisturizing shampoo from Beauty Supply Store.

Dry hair locks benefit from hair care products that contain moisturizing ingredients. Curly hair usually looks dry and will look better with moisturizing shampoo. It is usually not necessary to wash the bulky, curly and dry daily locks every day, and use moisturizing shampoo, only once a week for the best results.

Be extra careful when your hair is wet

Hair is more susceptible to damage when it is wet, so be careful after washing it. If your hair is prone to tangles, use a wide-tooth comb to smooth the tangles slowly and gently, preferably before rinsing the conditioner. Do not brush wet hair, and do not pull it with a comb, as both methods may cause damage. If you blow dry, using a lower heat and drying slowly will reduce potential damage.

Use Fanola Shampoo after swimming

Exposure to chlorine may cause problems with your hair locks. Therefore, it is very important to use the correct hair care products when entering a chlorinated pool, especially if you often swim. Use clear shampoo and ingredient EDTA. This chemical is like a claw and can remove chlorine. This prevents chlorine from damaging your door lock and prevents it from combining with copper sulfate, thereby gradually making it green. It is also helpful to wet your hair with fresh water before entering the swimming pool, as this will reduce the amount of chlorine your hair will absorb when swimming.

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