You may want your Haircut Coquitlam to be like your favorite celebrity, or trim like your best friend. However, your stylish hairstyle is not what you think. You don’t look good, but look old, ugly, fat or downright annoying. How wrong is it for you to try to look good on your friends or photos?

The answer lies in your face shape. Admittedly, some of us are lucky that these features can actually fit any fashionable hairstyle. However, the rest of us need to understand the types of haircuts that aggravate our function, and other styles that we need to avoid.

Generally, face shapes fall into the following categories-oval, long, round, diamond and square. If you have an oval or diamond shape, almost any hairstyle will suit you. So, how do you judge whether you have such a face?

Well, it's very simple. The length of the oval is 1.5 times the width of the face. If your chin and forehead are narrow, and your cheeks are almost the same length, you will have a diamond-shaped face. With a diamond-shaped face, you need a stylish hairstyle to show off your cheeks. Small objects near the side of the face are very good for you.

Now, for others.

If the length exceeds 1.5 times the width of the face, your face will be classified as long or rectangular. Then, your goal is not to let the hairstyle make the face look longer than it is now. For this reason, suitable for short and fashionable hairstyles, even short hairstyles with bangs. Look for hairstyles that will give your hair a more figure, especially on the sides. Long straight styles should be avoided.

The round face looks plump and fat. If the length is approximately the same as the width, you will have a round face. Therefore, you need long straight or long layered styles to make your face look longer with Salon Coquitlam. You need to avoid fashionable short hair, otherwise you will end up looking fatter than you actually are!

If your face is square, it means your forehead and chin are wide. A fashionable hairstyle that is perfect for square faces is a layered hairstyle, especially in the cheek area. The center-divided hairstyle without bangs is also very suitable for this type.

Finally, based on what you know now, your hair decision will be more sensible in the future. This time, you don't need the stylish hairstyles of your best friend or your favorite celebrity to look good. Be yourself and you can look absolutely beautiful with