The cost of 4x8 pvc foam board is relatively low, and it is durable and not easy to wear. Therefore, it has been widely used in public places such as factories, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment venues.

For the construction of pvc board, firstly after the PVC board is pasted, press the surface of the PVC board with a cork block to make it smooth and press out the air; then use a 50-70 kg pressure roller or a special cork block on the surface of the PVC board Repeated pressing, and timely refurbishment of the joints and warped edges of the PVC sheet; after rolling, wipe off the excess glue on the surface of the PVC sheet; after 24 hours, perform grooving and welding.

  Pre-laying and cutting: Regardless of the size of the construction area, PVC panels should be placed on the construction site for more than 24 hours. Keep the temperature of the plastic sheet consistent with the indoor temperature to reduce material deformation caused by temperature differences; use a professional trimmer to cut the heavy-pressed burrs on both ends of the PVC sheet. The width of the cutting on both sides should not be less than 1 cm; when laying PVC plastic sheets, overlap cutting should be adopted at all material joints. Generally, the overlapping width should not be less than 3 cm; according to different plates, the corresponding special glue and glue scraper should be used; when the PVC plate is laid, roll up one end of the plate first, and clean the back and front of the PVC plate. Scrape the special glue on the floor. The squeegee must be uniform and not too thick; the effect of using different adhesives is completely different. Specific glue should be selected according to the product manual.

   Slotting: After laying the PVC board, slotting should be carried out after 24 hours. Use a special slotter (machine) to slot the joints of the PVC sheet. In order to weld firmly, the depth of the groove should be 2/3 of the thickness of the PVC sheet; before welding, the dust and debris in the groove should be completely removed.

Welding: Welding should be carried out with a dedicated manual welding gun or automatic welding equipment; the temperature of the welding gun should be between 350 degrees and 400 degrees; at a suitable welding speed (should ensure the melting of the electrode), the electrode should be evenly squeezed in In the grooved PVC sheet; when the welding rod is half-cooled, use a special crescent blade and gasket to divide the surface of the PVC sheet into 2/3. After the welding rod is completely cooled, the protrusion of the PVC sheet The welding rod is completely removed to ensure that the surface of the plastic sheet is completely flat.

  Cleaning: The cleaning of plastic plates should be done after completion or before use. But it must be 48 hours after the laying of the PVC board; cleaning or vacuuming should be done in time after the construction of the PVC board; it is recommended to use a neutral detergent to clean all the dirt. If the surface of the PVC board is dirty, it is recommended to use a floor scrubber with a red polishing pad to clean the board.

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