The led solar street light is an independent self-powered system. When installing the solar maintenance-free battery, it must be handled gently when placed in the control box to prevent damage to the control box; the connection line between the batteries must be bolted to the battery Use copper gaskets to enhance its conductivity; after the output line is connected to the battery, it is forbidden to short-circuit under any circumstances to avoid damage to the battery. When the battery output line is connected to the controller in the pole Must pass through PVC threading pipe.

Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Manufacturers reminded that after completing the above steps, check the wiring of the controller to prevent short circuit, and close the door of the control box when it is normal. To install the led solar street lamp, the components of each part are required to be fixed: the solar panel is fixed on the solar panel bracket, the lamp holder is fixed to the arm, and then the bracket and the arm are fixed to the main pole, and the connecting wire is passed to the control Box (battery box). Before lifting the light pole, first check whether the fasteners of each part are firm, whether the lamp holder is installed correctly, and whether the light source works normally. Then debug the system to see if the system is working properly, loosen the connection wire between the controller and the solar panel, the light source works normally, connect the solar panel connection line and the light goes out; at the same time carefully observe the changes of the indicators on the controller, so the data belongs It can be hoisted and installed.

When lifting the main light pole, pay attention to safety precautions, and the screws must be fastened. If the component's sun-facing angle is deviated, you need to adjust its sun-facing direction to face south.

Put the battery into the battery box, connect the connecting wire to the controller according to the technical requirements, first connect the battery, then the load, and then the solar panel; when wiring, be sure to pay attention to the wiring and the terminal marked on the controller. Wrong connection, the positive and negative polarities cannot collide, and cannot be connected reversely, otherwise the controller will be damaged.

Debug again to see if the system can operate normally; loosen the solar panel connection line on the controller, the led solar street light source is on, connect the solar panel connection line, the light is off; at the same time carefully observe the changes of the indicators on the controller, so The data is normal before the control box can be sealed.