Almost everyone has experienced a bad haircut or hair dyeing experience-unfortunately, it is not always easy to correct and will leave you disappointed and self-conscious. Likewise, a great hairstyle or color can surprise you. This is why it is important to choose a good Hair Stylist Vancouver for your next hairstyle or color. Read our tips to help you find the best hair salon in your area!

Ask a friend about Hair Salon Vancouver

The best advice is the one you get from a friend. Ask the people around you to see who your friends go to cut or dye your hair, if you like the look, you can try it. Just remember to specify the hairstylist you are going to-even in the same salon, no two hairstylists are the same.

Go to someone with experience

Sometimes, the hairdresser will cut your hair, but then you will be handed over to the apprentice to dye your hair. Therefore, when you book a hair salon, make sure that the person who cuts and dyes the hair is an experienced hairdresser.

Don't judge the salon based on appearance

The best cuts and colors come from smaller, quiet hair salons. Similarly, large, flashy and well-known hair salons do not always deliver on their promises. Don't judge the salon by appearance-by word of mouth or by the experience of hairdressers and dyers.

Bring a photo and be specific

Even if you find a good hair salon, you need to make sure you get a good hair style or color that day. A person's version of "auburn" may be different from yours, so pictures are the best way to figure out what you want!

Likewise, your barber's "trimmed" version may be completely different from yours. Specify the number of centimeters or inches to be trimmed.

Know what you want and take small steps

Sometimes you may be afraid to say what you want, or you may be unsure. Whatever you do, don't trust the hairdresser to make the decision for you-their taste may be completely different from yours, and you are the one who must follow the tailoring and style later. Also, if you want to make a major change, please take some steps first. Try light brown before getting blonde, or try Bob before getting shorter!

Remember to choose a Hair Salon Vancouver and hair stylist carefully, be clear and specific, and don't do anything too dramatic immediately, otherwise you will be proud of your hairstyle or color.

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