What is pvc? Because of the lack of the characteristics of PVC materials, people have to participate in a large number of additives to stabilize PVC plastics. It is true that pure PVC cabinet board are not toxic. However, after people’s large-scale increase of additives stops reforms, there are more PVC plastics. The comprehensive combination of these additives reflects the toxic materials, which means that these additives may turn PVC plastic into a softer chemical additives. After applying a large number of PVC plastics, it will affect the internal kidney of the human body. , Liver, etc. have a great impact.

PVC material itself is not toxic. If it is not polymerized complete monomers, perhaps it is a decomposed product, it will contain certain toxicity. Under low temperature and ultraviolet rays, PVC will decompose. At this time, if people use it again. After dissolving the PVC plastic products, it can easily damage the external system of the human body, causing hepatic angioma.

What is pvc? PVC plastic estimates include urea-formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde. If we stop processing and production of PVC plastics, their incomplete response will result in a large amount of free formaldehyde remaining in the PVC plastic estimates, and this formaldehyde It is also a kind of cell plasmotoxicity. If a bowl made of PVC material is used to serve hot food, it will easily cause some cell transformation after the human body eats it, which is unlucky for the health of the human body. Another is that PVC plastic is estimated to contain chlorine , When we burn it, it will cause a kind of toxic material and infection.

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