1. The furnace body pf heat press machine is a vertical furnace shell, the inner layer is a cylinder made of stainless steel, and the outer layer is carbon steel.

  1. Vacuum system: oil diffusion pump, roots pump, mechanical pump equipped with electromagnetic differential pressure valve (to prevent sudden power failure, mechanical pump oil backflow) inflation valve, air release valve, vacuum butterfly valve, vacuum pressure gauge (±Pa) ripple It is composed of tubes, vacuum lines and brackets.

  3. Hydraulic system: Electric input mode is adopted. The hydraulic station is equipped with imported proportional valve, pressure sensor, and displacement display adopts grating ruler (ranging accuracy of 0.02mm). The instrument can be set to automatically adjust the pressure, and can achieve voltage stabilization and pressure maintenance.

  4. Water cooling system: It is composed of various valve and pipeline related devices and is equipped with water-breaking sound and light alarm to automatically cut off the heating source or function.

  5. Temperature control system: using thyristor to control temperature, equipped with PID function instrument, digital display, with over-temperature sound and light alarm function, PLC touch screen can also be used for automatic control, and historical data is retained for easy analysis of the sintering process.

  1. Inflation system: It is composed of various pipes and valves, and is equipped with electromagnetic deflation valve and pressure sensor. When the pressure in the furnace is higher than the safe value, it will automatically deflate. There is a needle valve on the inflation pipeline to control the amount of inflation. .

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