LeBron James's other "slam dunk" was born during his first regular season with the Kings in 2003. Among the many highlights of that NBA's first show, there was a shot of the then youth king flying to the hoop, easily flushing with one hand-from that moment, the "slam dunk" was born. In fact, this has become a continuous sub-plot in the Nike LeBron series, because the iconic electric green color scheme is attached to the characters through various player exclusives and final releases, but in the last few iterations of the Nike LeBron logo shoes. In, Dunkman somewhat occupied a secondary position. On January 29, Dunkman will return to the long-awaited arena based on the Nike LeBron 18 shoes. This shoe will appear in a direct black and electric mix and match shape, which can be seen through the translucent neon outsole. contour. The green also points to the knit position 2.0 vamp, as well as the heel pull tab and the inner Swoosh logo.

Nike Air Structure Triax'91, like many Latest Jordans News running shoes at the beginning of this century, is known for its rich and consistent use of popular colors. Based on white, gray or black, Swoosh chose bright neon shades of red, blue or green to add visual elements to their designs, and this formula has proven successful in attracting eyeballs. But for the upcoming Air Structure Triax'91, Nike chose a colorless design and added black, white and gray colors to the layered running shoes. Given that the air structure already has a complicated design, it does not require much help to gain attention. The midsole has two transoms of different sizes, and the upper is composed of leather, mesh cloth and suede. In fact, this design is very bold. Nike even added a high ankle collar in 2009 and made it into a basketball shoe called Air Hoop Structure.

In the past two years, Solomon's performance-oriented backbone has penetrated their XT-6 advanced form factor into tastemakers' digital archives. Nike Air Zm Spiridon Cg 2 Stussy White Red Shoes ,Although the French-based company has not received widespread attention from the sportswear giant, it has won a fanatical following among smart fashion lovers. In the next proposal, the brand will launch two of the 11 products of Boris Bidjan Saberi imprint through Foot Locker, Inc.'s greenhouse platform. Composed of Bamba 2 High, Boot 2 GTX and a small amount of clothing, the upcoming series combines style and high functionality. Although Saberi, who was born in Germany, began to express his views on sportswear through Solomon in 2017, the greenhouse exclusive series was his first use of experimental "bronze blue". Due to their meticulous dyeing, no two pairs of technical shoes are the same, which modernizes the practical aesthetics of the partners. The functional structure of each model adopts eye-catching tones.