GREEN TEA 3505 is a kind of tea that is particularly popular in life. It retains the original taste of tea. It is a kind of tea that has not been fermented. The quality of green tea sold is also uneven. Please pay attention to choosing when buying. Today I will We will introduce some methods and techniques for choosing green tea, so that we can know how to choose high-quality green tea.

  1. Replenishing water with green tea can make the skin more supple and smooth, and can improve skin elasticity and slow down the speed of skin aging, because green tea can not only replenish a lot of water to the human body, but also allow the human body to absorb some tea polyphenols, these substances It can prevent free radicals from damaging human skin and improve the skin's anti-aging ability.
  2. People use green tea to replenish water, which can prevent the loss of water in the skin and increase skin elasticity. It can also eliminate sensitive bacteria on human skin and prevent inflammation on the surface of the skin. It can also prevent the appearance of acne, acne and dermatitis on the surface of human skin. It has a certain elimination effect, can make the skin healthy as soon as possible and can prevent some skin diseases from occurring.

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