Today we're going to be breaking down the top skills that you need to climb in League. This guide will be great for those of you just starting your ranked journey, as well as returning veterans looking to catch up quickly to their old glory days. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Be patient with your games

It sounds like a bit of obvious advice, but most players are ready to rage quit the second someone steals a minion from them. There is a reason why Bronze and Iron are considered “elo hell”, this is a zone populated in part by internet trolls. Chances are that your teammates are not taking the climb as seriously as you, so take a deep breath and prepare yourself for it.

Pointing out the mistakes of your teammates and sending question mark pings will not help you nor the other player. Asking someone to play better won’t automatically give them mechanical skills or even common sense. Engaging in that type of conversation is counterproductive for everyone, even for the player that is trolling.

Take another deep breath and focus on your own game. Help the team as much as you can, help the troll if they need it. There are more than enough toxic players in the community, that is a club that you should not be joining.

Always Know Your Champions

This is actually a no-brainer. Believe it or not, though, many players still underestimate the importance of knowing a chosen champion. By doing so, you are able to understand their abilities and can help come up with dozens of synergies with your own favorite champions. This also significantly helps in countering your opponents’ picks.

If you are unable to name all of your selected champions’ five abilities, then you are going to have a problem. If this is something you cannot do, then you should not start playing ranked for now.

Choose Your Favorite Champion

Once you have taken the time to get to know all of the Champions and their abilities on LoL, it’s time for you to choose your favorite champion. If you choose a champion and stick with playing him/her in a particular role, you can quickly climb the LoL ladder.

Once you learn the mechanics of your champion, you can help set your team up for victory. Mind you, mastering your favorite LoL champion isn’t going to happen overnight – this is something that is going to take time and patience.

Understand Your Role

Just as it is important to understand your team’s best avenue to win the game, it is also important to understand what you can do to best allow your team composition to win. As a featured carry of a team composition, you should focus on optimizing your economy and keeping yourself accessible to your team during key objective and teamfight timings. It will take smart rotation timings and cautious pushing to manage this. As a playmaker for your team, it is important to ensure that your featured carry is able to efficiently put out DPS during fights and objective plays. As a tank playmaker, such as Zac, your job is to soak damage and create cracks in the enemy’s position.

As a carry playmaker hybrid, such as Irelia, your job is to find key targets in the enemy’s composition and strike, then when they are vulnerable to create openings for your team. Utility characters can work to peel and keep their allies alive, with priority on their featured carry. Don’t attempt to play outside of your role. Work hard to help every player fulfill their role. These roles are only optimized once you can work with your team to make them all shine.

Learn The Current Meta

The first and arguably most important part of beginning your “how to reach challenger rank in LoL” is to understand the current “meta” and how the majority of players are playing. In this instance and at the time of writing, there’s a handful of Champion’s who’re top-tier. The Jungle plays a key part in the current meta, largely because Drake’s – and the buffs they provide – give so many benefits to the team. Fighting over Drake’s, and largely ignoring the top lane because of it, is where we’re at. The result of this, is a focus on team-fighting early game (for the Drake) but also a Jungler capable of securing it solo (if needed). Ignoring a meta will hurt your ability to climb.

While there’s no expectation that you need to know every Champion inside-out, and play every single one to a high mastery level, it’s fair to suggest that understanding Champion kits, and their limitations, will help you immensely. Not only does this provide you with a real understanding of how an opponent might operate, but also what their primary weaknesses are.

This level of commitment can be time consuming, but it helps enormously when in a lane. You’ll understand when to push or to play defensively, and you’ll also be far stronger at understanding team-fights and how aggressively you can play.

Focus on farming

Once you pick a role and find the perfect champions for you, it’s time to farm. Farming is one skill that not many Bronze and Iron players learn, but it’s perhaps the most important. Good farm equals gold, and gold turn into more items. There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning how to farm, so prepare yourself to work on it.

10 minutes into the game, the laners should have at least 100 CS, anything lower than that is suboptimal. The practice tool is available if you want to practice your farming. Take ten minutes to farm so you feel more comfortable in-game.

Play for Improvement

A concept that is hard for many solo queue players to accept is that ranked should not be played for the sole purpose of LP. If you are working seriously to climb in League of Legends, then you shouldn’t want free LP. LP is an indicator of growth not an agent for it. Improvement is the goal of climbing in League of Legends. In order to climb, one should improve to reach the level of play that they are wanting to be ranked at. Review games with your own play and mistakes in mind. Go into games focused on your own gameplay and no one else’s. These practices will help you to stay driven in your games and clean up mistakes which will enable you to climb as a result.

Don’t Get Frustrated

If you continue to lose at LoL, you may become frustrated. Instead of getting frustrated, stop what you’re doing and take a breath of fresh air. Think about your gameplay and figure out what you’re doing wrong.

Many times, teammates blame each other for losing, and this isn’t a good way to improve. Instead of being the one that blames your team for losing, ignore their moves, and look at your own gameplay.

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