There are roughly three kinds of materials for the shaft of the courtyard lamp, one is aluminum courtyard lamp, the other is iron courtyard lamp, and there is a common steel courtyard lamp. The three production processes are somewhat different, the abrasives are different, and the construction period is different. It is also different, the level of mess is also different, and of course the effect is different. If you want to say which is better, you must first consider the customer's feelings. If the customer likes European style, then choose cast aluminum and cast iron. If the customer is exquisite and quality, then decide to choose steel courtyard lights. Then Garden Lights Manufacturers  will talk about the reasons for this choice.

1. Aluminum has a low boiling point, strong flexibility, and simple deformation when encountering high temperatures. Compared with steel, it is slightly less robust. Generally not recommended for use in windy areas. The wall thickness of the steel material can be increased, the stability is high, the supporting force is strong, the wind resistance is up to 36km/s, and the earthquake resistance is above 8.8.

2. The price of courtyard lights, the messy production process of cast aluminum, the high cost of materials, and the unique shape have several advantages. Therefore, it is normal that the price is 3 to 6 times higher than that of courtyard lights based on steel materials. In terms of shape, the cast aluminum courtyard lamp may not be the most beautiful and unique, and the scenic courtyard lamp made of steel materials is also very beautiful.

3. Workmanship. The workmanship of cast aluminum Xinjiang courtyard lights and cast iron is much messier than that of steel materials. Here we will analyze it with the topic of aluminum. The first step is to burn the aluminum into liquid, and then use a special abrasive tool to transform the liquid into a shape. The center will engrave various markings on the aluminum rod, and then galvanize and spray it after it is dry. The construction period and the degree of mess are more than steel materials. However, the steel material is only cut into the required conical plates with a steel plate through a shearing machine, and then rolled into a light pole by a plate rolling machine at a time, and then welded, polished and other processes are used to make it beautiful, and then galvanized and sprayed.
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