A chair is a kind of comfortable furniture, a seat with a backrest and armrests. Modern chairs pursue beauty and fashion. Some chairs are no longer just seats with more technology so that we can use them more conveniently.

As early as in the wall paintings of Dunhuang Cave 285, there are images of two people sitting on chairs; in the wall paintings of Cave 257 there are women sitting on square stools and cross-legged women; in the stone carvings of Longmen Lotus Cave, there are women sitting on round stools. These images vividly reproduce the use of chairs and stools in official and noble families during the Southern and Northern Dynasties. At that time, the chair and the shape of the stool already existed, but because there was no chair at the time, the name of the stool was still used to be called "Hu Bed." After the Tang Dynasty, the use of chairs gradually increased, and the name of the chair was also changed. Widely used, it is separated from the category of beds. Therefore, when talking about the origin of chairs and stools, one must start with the Hu Chuang that was used in India during the Han and Wei Dynasties.

Therefore, chairs existed in the upstream area a long time ago, but now with chair mould , chair production is even more convenient.