With the development of modern cities, people's needs for materials have become more and more extensive. In the aquarium, some acrylic fish tanks will be selected as sea coral fish viewing. The reason why fish tanks of this kind of material are very widely used is because of their excellent use characteristics, but some manufacturers also seize this momentum, reduce production costs, and produce some inferior fish tanks for sale. Many consumers will If you are deceived, let Mirror Acrylic explain how to identify acrylic fish tanks.

1. Heating method

First measure the spacing and height of the two materials, put them in a microwave oven and heat them to 140, and then take them out and bend them hard. The bending amplitude of the unsaturated resin is not higher than 90 degrees, and the actual acrylic substrate can be bent at will.

2. Lighter burning method:

It is recommended to use a lighter burning method. Under normal circumstances, a lot of black smoke will appear after the unsaturated resin substrate is lit with a lighter, and the burning rate will be relatively slow, but after the fire is extinguished, there are more gray-black deposits at the burning position, so remove the deposits by hand , The gray and black marks are very obvious. However, when the material of the acrylic fish tank burns, yellow smoke will appear, the burning rate will be very fast, and the subsequent precipitation of impurities will be very small.

3. Hot oil method:

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It is necessary to heat the oil to 200, then put it into a metal container, and then immediately put it on the surface of the two substrates, until the cooling water sees: the surface of the unsaturated resin substrate has concave impressions and the surface of the actual acrylic fish tank is not. This is mainly determined by the thermal change of the material

4. Solvent method:

It is recommended to put the two materials into two cups with acetone, and take them out after about a day. The unsaturated resin substrate will swell, while the actual acrylic fish tank swells and the immersion position is relatively loose.

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