With the rapid development of the mold industry, although the scale of mold manufacturing companies is small, the number is many. Among the many mold manufacturing companies, there are not a few companies that can make crate mould , but there are not many that can guarantee good quality.

Molds are tools for forcing a metal or non-metal forming and are essential key process equipment in industrial production. Parts produced in batches using molds have the advantages of high efficiency, high consistency, low energy consumption, high precision and complexity, and are widely used in machinery, electronics, automobiles, information, aviation, aerospace, light industry, and military industry. , Transportation, building materials, medical, biological, energy, and other industries, about 60% to 80% of the parts in the above industries need to rely on mold processing. Therefore, the level of mold manufacturing is not only an important indicator to measure the level of manufacturing in a country, but also determines the quality, efficiency, and new product development capabilities of the country's products to a large extent.

It is not an easy task to make a good mold. For example, trash can mould requires the accumulation of experience in design, hot stamping forming technology, so time is really important.