What is the difference between cotton clothes and nylon fabrics?

1. In general, pure cotton is worn next to the body, comfortable to wear, and does not irritate the skin; Nibailong is also a chemical fiber fabric. It is not recommended to wear chemical fiber clothing next to the body, because the formaldehyde content standard does not meet the personal wear, so more outerwear fabrics.

2. Chemical fiber clothing has high color fastness and is not easy to fade; while pure cotton fabric has low color fastness and is easy to fade.

3. Chemical fiber clothing, when made into fabrics, is strong, windproof, dirt-resistant, easy to wash, hand-washed and machine-washed, no ironing after washing, just flattened and shaken (not easy to form wrinkles, but once a dead wrinkle cannot be ironed ).

Pure cotton fabrics are recommended to be washed by hand. If machine-washed, they are easy to deform and need to be ironed after washing (otherwise they are small wrinkles, which are live wrinkles and can be ironed), and pure cotton fabrics have a certain shrinkage rate.

4. Pure cotton clothing is easy to fade, and nylon fabric does not fade.

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