Stussy and Air Jordan 13 Retro White Black Starfish have just completed three impressive collaborations in 2020, and they are now in full swing. Now that the two companies are back, the California-based clothing brand teased the next project of the two long-term partners via Instagram this week. The collaboration between Stussy of Los Angeles and Nike began in 2000, when Swoosh used a world-renowned lifestyle brand to help launch new Huarache running shoes. This was Nike’s first collaboration in 2000. Stussy designed two colors for the new running shoes and launched a very limited number of products through the brand's London branch. Since then, Stussy and Nike have collaborated on a dozen different projects, each with its own unique style and story, and of course sneakers. From dunk heights to court troops, air force, Spiridon, Terminator, free running and trailblazers, Stutsi controls almost every pair of Nike shoes in the vault. But this year, these two brands did not launch new products, but returned to the archives, reviving the initiator of all this: Huarache OG. Although the release has not yet been officially announced, boutique retailers have already pointed out the shoes on their spring 2021 orders, and it is rumored that they will be released sometime in the next few weeks at the earliest. Two color schemes are launched again. It is not clear whether Stussy and Nike just re-used the smooth color scheme more than 20 years ago or tried a new color scheme this time.

LeBron James and Air Jordan 11 Retro ’25th Anniversary’ will take time to launch a "Gong Xi Fa Cai" concert to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Celebrating the act of blessing others, the tradition of "sharing happiness and getting rich" has lasted for more than 300 years. Inspired by the "Gongxi Magic Treasure", Nike teamed up with the 400ml Yanu brand, a local graffiti creative unit in China, to launch this LeBron 18 "Gongxi Magic Treasure", which injected a youthful attitude and new vitality into Chinese traditional culture. The upper is designed in red knit, while the red heel and blue TPU heel match the spotted blue and white rubber midsole. In order to cooperate, blue shoelaces fasten the sneakers, and "Gong Xi Fa Cai" is presented on the insole with graffiti-inspired fonts. For further design, the LeBron logo was deliberately placed upside down on behalf of "The King is Coming".

Giannis will celebrate Nike Zoom Freak 2 EP innovation to preserve and extend our future with a new interpretation of his signature basketball shoes called "Fight for the Future". Nike has made a huge leap in the past year or so, and their environmentally friendly products are said to limit carbon emissions. They also invested more time, money and energy in using recycled materials for their sports shoes, which also helped a lot. To celebrate Swoosh's goals and focus, Giannis will launch a unique classic shoe. Calling the usual mesh construction, the sneakers feature a sleek purple makeover, which is detailed with a leather-clad outer side and a bright neon-clad inner lining. The easy to highlight design is a spotted pattern, a brand that decorates the tongue, shoelaces, and the Nike Swoosh logo in purple and neon form. The purple midsole is perfectly combined with the black spotted outsole to create a unique shoe style.