In today's swimming market, acrylic swimming pools are favored by many investors due to their beautiful appearance, rich functions, ease of installation, strong sturdiness, and ease of use. There are often several different types of acrylic swimming pools in a baby swimming pool. These swimming pools are beautiful in appearance and visually superior. However, there are some problems that need to be paid attention to when using acrylic swimming pools:

When circulating water, the temperature of the water cannot exceed 40 degrees Celsius, and you must put cold water first, and then hot water. Do not add hot water directly. If you do this, it will not only cause burns, but also cause long-term water release. Acrylic has a discoloration problem.

When using an acrylic swimming pool, if there is damage, use 2000c water scrubbing paper to polish the damaged area, and then polish it with toothpaste and gauze to restore the original brightness. Remember not to use more corrosive chemical liquids for scrubbing.

When using the acrylic swimming pool, do not hit it with hard objects to avoid damage to the equipment.

I also reminded that when choosing to buy an acrylic swimming pool, you must carefully compare various manufacturers. When choosing an acrylic swimming pool, you must pay more attention. If conditions permit, you should go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection, so that you can buy and use it with confidence.

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