Latex is produced by nature and made of rubber tree sap. Latex mattresses have natural elasticity. Regardless of the sleeping position, this elasticity is vital to the mattress’s ability to shape itself according to the shape of the body, which allows the spine to remain in place. Its natural position reduces excessive pressure on certain parts of the body and ensures healthy blood circulation during sleep.

The main benefits of natural latex mattresses:

Natural origin, latex is made of rubber tree, so it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Progressive support, it feels comfortable and soft at the first touch. When you go deep into the mattress, it will provide you with full support. This is why latex is the ideal choice for back support. It adapts to the body contours and keeps the spine aligned correctly.

Good pressure distribution, good blood circulation; elasticity, allowing you to move freely at night, latex is composed of millions of molecular springs, ensuring that every part of your body provides support.

Natural anti-dust mite, antibacterial and antibacterial, so it is good for people with allergies.

Good breathability, comfortable sleeping temperature and excellent moisture absorption. Latex has an open cell structure and has ventilation holes, allowing you to sleep in a fresh environment.

High durability, latex mattresses are known to last longer than mattresses made of spring coils and PU foam.

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