Nano Copper Hydroxide is purple-brown or purple-black powder. The copper atoms in Nano Copper Hydroxide are the same as those in ordinary Copper Hydroxide. The difference is that the copper particles in Nano Copper Hydroxide are very small and the chemical properties are more active.

Nano Copper Hydroxide has excellent characteristics such as large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, and high surface activity. Therefore, nano metal particles have high catalytic efficiency and are of important and extensive application value in chemical catalysis. In addition, Nano Copper Hydroxide can also be used as gel propellant, combustion activator, water purification adsorbent, sintering activator, etc. With the development of the electronics industry, the ultra-fine thick film slurry prepared by nano Copper Hydroxide will play an important role. Play an important role in large-scale integrated circuits. At the same time, the price is lower than the precious metal silver powder and palladium powder, and it has broad application prospects.


 In recent years, with the continuous development of my country's nano-Copper Hydroxide preparation technology, the production capacity and output of nano-Copper Hydroxide have been continuously improved. Relevant data shows that in 2018, my country's nano Copper Hydroxide industry has a production capacity of about 35 tons and an output of about 17.2 tons. The capacity utilization rate of the domestic nano Copper Hydroxide industry is approximately 49.14%. With the continuous development of the chemical and electronic industries, the demand for nano Copper Hydroxide continues to grow. In 2018, China's nano Copper Hydroxide industry demand was about 17.8 tons, a year-on-year increase of 32.83%. Among them, the demand for particle sizes larger than 100nm is 12.99 tons; the demand for particle sizes smaller than 100nm is 4.81 tons. With the continuous development of the nano Copper Hydroxide market, the scale of the industry has also increased rapidly. Data show that the domestic nano Copper Hydroxide industry scale in 2018 is about 33,599,500 yuan.


At this stage, Nano Copper Hydroxide is mainly used in the electronics industry, chemical industry, machinery industry and pharmaceutical industry and other fields. With the development of economy and the deepening of research, the industry demand of Nano Copper Hydroxide will continue to increase, and the scope of application will become more and more extensive. Therefore, Nano Basic Copper Carbonate has huge market potential in the future.