Plexiglass is also called Acrylic, the English abbreviation PMMA, has the advantages of high transparency, low price, easy to machine processing, etc., is a commonly used glass substitute material.

Acrylic board (acrylic board) can be divided into pure transparent board, colored transparent board, translucent board (such as colored board) according to the transmittance

According to the surface gloss, it can be divided into high-gloss board, mercerized board and matte board (also called frosted board)

According to the performance, the acrylic board can also be other ordinary board, impact board, anti-ultraviolet board, smoldering board and high wear-resistant board and so on.

The pure new material transparent acrylic sheet has the following characteristics:

Excellent anti-ultraviolet performance, no yellowing outdoors for 10 years, no fading, loss of gloss, no cracking; light transmittance greater than 92%, transparent and colorless at the cross section; high surface hardness, equivalent to aluminum and brass; anti-cracking and Excellent chemical resistance; high-quality protective film provides adequate protection.

Ordinary acrylic swimming pool uses resin fiber and modern advanced technology, no joints, one-time molding, smooth and smooth surface, hard and lightweight objects, and has the functions of heat preservation, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, and anti-corrosion. It is suitable for establishing fixed-scale swimming pools in hospitals and swimming pools.

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