Everyone may have their own opinions on molds, so do you know about crate mould ?

The crate mold is with reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy molding process control, crate quality assurance. Using hot runner system technology to improve the quality of plastic parts, reduce production costs and save time.Currently,the crate applied to the field of logistics, such as beer crates, milk crates, food boxes, and all kinds of cargo turnover box used in the workshop is basically made of plastic. Plastic crate owns the features like anti-bending, anti-aging, heavy loading, tensile resistance, compression resistant, tearing resistant, high temperature resistant, and so on. Often, these Crate Dimensions are large and also require good mechanical properties, low-temperature performance, and durability. To meet these requirements, HDPE is used as raw material and designs a number of crisscrossing ribs on the outer surface and the bottom of the plastic crates, in order to increase its strength and stiffness.

The above is the introduction of some relevant knowledge of crate molds. If you want to know more, please visit trash can mould .