The Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers is quite fragmented, with China and North America as the main production areas. The world's aluminum composite panel consumption is relatively stable, with an average annual growth rate of about 5%. Aluminum Composite Panel is mainly used for building curtain walls and interior decoration, but can also be used as transportation or furniture.

The main reason for the rapid expansion of the aluminum composite panel market in developing countries is that the rapid economic growth of these countries has driven the development of aluminum composite panels, which in turn stimulated the demand for related aluminum composite panels.

China's economic development has entered a new normal, and it is evolving to a stage with a more advanced form, a more complex division of labor, and a more reasonable structure. People's living standards have significantly improved, their desire for a better life has become stronger, and their needs have become increasingly diverse and multi-level.

From an international perspective, under the background that the impact of the international financial crisis still exists and the world economic growth is weak, China's development is full of vitality and has become an important engine for the stable growth of the global economy.