When you are out couple looking for a unicorn for a threesome, there are some rules you should adhere to. Here are some of the dos and don’ts you need to exploit so that you can enjoy a threesome on threesome websites for threesome finder. All of you should be free to exploit different sexual adventures in a threesome. Here are the dos and don’ts:

Dos Be honest

In a threesome. All of you should be honest about your feelings. There are some sexual adventures you would like to enjoy when in a relationship. Ensure you open up and share your feelings before you get started in the threesome.


Agree on basic rules

There are some basic rules you should have. For instance, you should agree on the things you would like to explore. The three of you will have preferences, try to respect the feeling of each other. If you can agree on basic rules, then it will be easy to enjoy your union for a long time.

Don’ts Avoid forcing someone into a role

There are several things you should avoid in a threesome. All of you should agree on roles. You should at all costs avoid forcing some of you into certain roles. For example, you may like to play a certain role where others will have to submit. Ensure they are okay with the role rather than forcing them.


Don’t look for a unicorn if you have a bad relationship

You may be in a marriage and you would like to introduce a unicorn so that you can have a threesome. You should avoid inviting a third party into a relationship that is about to end. It will likely make matters worse. A threesome can make your relationship better if you are on good terms and you can discuss things out. Ensure the relationship is on good terms before you can introduce a third party.