What is the purpose of shaving foam? We ask ourselves whether it is important? Yes, the answers to these questions. The important thing is if you want a comfortable and smooth shave without the scratches and cuts that usually occur when shaving closely. When shaving, the shaving foam acts as a lubricant, providing a cushion between the razor and the skin.

How long have men used foam on their faces? When lignine was mixed with animal fat and applied to the beard, the first shaving foam was recorded. ew, I am glad we can move on! The smell alone is unpleasant. By 1949, the shaving foam in the carbon canister we were familiar with had developed. CSC was initially pressurized in the tank, but with the enactment of new regulations, they now use a mixture of propane, butane and pentane, which is more environmentally friendly. The idea of ​​the pressurized tank is to make the foam ready to use, so as to provide a Fanola No Yellow Foam on the face, so that the user is quick and convenient.

All shaving foam has roughly the same composition. Some ingredients may be replaced by different manufacturers for other ingredients with the same characteristics, but it is the change in the process of making the foam that changes the quality. Regardless of the other ingredients, all shaving foam is made up of 77% water or water called aqua. The other ingredients that make up the remaining 24% are:

By changing the amount of these ingredients, the consistency and smoothness of the foam will be changed. A fragrance must also be added, because in its natural state, the foam smells very earthy and there is no pleasant way.

The shaving foam you choose ultimately depends on your personal choice. Do you want a nice fragrance or a creamy taste? Can it lubricate the way you want and give you a shaving sensation? These are the questions that must be asked when finding all important shaving accessories by Beauty Supply.

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