Aluminum Composite Panel has been developed and produced in my country for more than 10 years. With the joint efforts of Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers , although my country has formulated national standards and established a product quality supervision and inspection center, it has been in the establishment of construction specifications and supporting facilities. The standardization of products still lags behind developed countries, and the construction quality is not paid enough attention. This has caused owners to complain about the quality of aluminum composite panels because of construction quality problems, which hindered the further promotion and application of aluminum composite panels.

Some leading companies in the Aluminum Composite Panel industry in my country have certain guarantees in terms of production technology and product quality, but the overall industry quality is still uneven. From the perspective of some Aluminum Composite Panel projects that have been completed and put into use, some projects have a bubbling, fading, and separation of the board surface and the plastic core material. Although there are construction problems, the quality of the Aluminum Composite Panel product is also an important factor.

However, with the joint efforts of Aluminum Composite Panel Manufacturers, the quality of Aluminum Composite Panel is believed to be improved and guaranteed.