Wholesale Solar Garden Lights Manufacturers introduces the working principle of LED solar street lights; under the control of the controller during the day, the solar panels absorb solar light and convert it into electrical energy under the control of the controller. During the day, the battery modules charge the battery pack and at night The battery pack provides power to the LED light source, and LED solar street lamp manufacturers realize the lighting technology.

The solar controller controls the working status of the LED solar street light. When the battery panel voltage is lower than 3V, the LED light source works. In summer, when the weather is clear, the solar radiation has the largest illuminance at noon, and it is received on the area perpendicular to the direction of the sun. The average solar energy received is about 1000W, if it is only about 200W day and night throughout the year, and about half in winter, the energy density is very low.

Therefore, when LED solar street lamp manufacturers want to obtain a certain conversion power when using solar energy, the solar panels are installed to the south, and the installation angle is 30° to 45°, which is more conducive to solar street lights to absorb energy.

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