Rocket League is absolutely one of the winners of 2020. Since the transfer to free-to-play, the auto soccer game has enjoyed Rocket League Items a gradually developing range of players. Now the brand new Season 2 is within the starting blocks and has plenty of recent content material inside the trunk!

The time has come shortly: Season 2 in Rocket League starts on December 9th and need to make the arcade racing game increase even similarly. You can virtually feel the takeover with the aid of Fortnite developer Epic Games. EDM artist and Grammy nominee Kaskade plays an crucial position inside the new content.

In the new season of Rocket League there is a lot for the eyes and ears! With the new Rocket Pass there are 70 ranges to be reached which can be all approximately tune. Many of the rewards pulsate to the beat of the menus and area music. For all premium customers there may be the brand new R3MX automobile on top. Those who reach level 70 can also look forward to the R3MX GXT supersport variant.

Rocket League has been updated to deliver its annual Halloween party into the game, this time complete with a few ultra-cool Ghostbusters cosmetics for rewards. Each day from now through the stop of the month, players can snap up the Ecto-1 Car, the Stay Puft Goal Explosion, Ectoplasm Decal (popular), Demon Disc Wheels (Titanium White), the Vampire Bats Goal Explosion, and the Reaper Goal Explosion (Crimson).