The 4x8 pvc foam sheet production line features:

   1. High degree of automation, convenient operation, continuous production, stable and reliable.

   2. The three-roller calender of the plastic sheet production line can be lifted and lowered freely.

  3. The plastic sheet production line has an independently controlled roller temperature control system that can accurately control the temperature of the pressure roller to make the sheet even thicker.

  4. The thickness control of the plate produced by the plastic plate production line adopts screw adjustment and two-way adjustment of the pressure wheel to control the plate thickness.

The 4x8 pvc foam board production line is a production line equipment that uses plastic as the main raw material to produce plastic sheets. Its raw materials include pvc, PP, PE, PC, abs, HIBS, etc. Understanding the pvc board production process is part of understanding the 4x8 pvc foam board production line.

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