Everyone knows that acrylic fish tanks are slightly more expensive than other fish tanks. Why is this? In addition, acrylic fish tanks are easy to scratch, and the scratches affect the appearance. Even so, its price is far higher than that of other fish tanks. This is very confusing, and some aquarists have responded that, although acrylic fish tanks The price is expensive, but it can't give the feeling of a high-end fish tank, but it looks very cheap, which is a very contradictory existence.

In fact, if you can understand acrylic fish tanks in depth, you will find it very worthwhile, because it has many benefits. The following editor lists some of the advantages of acrylic fish tanks:

1. The fish tank has good weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

2. The fish tank has excellent insulation performance.

3. The fish tank has good light transmittance, up to 92%, and the required light intensity is small, which saves electricity.

4. The fish tank has strong impact resistance, which is sixteen times that of ordinary glass.

5. The fish tank has a long life span, which is more than three years longer than fish tanks made of other materials.

6. Light weight, half lighter than ordinary glass, and less load on buildings and supports.

7. The aquarium has bright colors and high brightness, which can't be matched by other materials.

8. The fish tank has strong plasticity, large changes in shape, and easy processing and forming.

9. Convenient maintenance, easy to clean, rain can be cleaned naturally, or scrubbed with soap and soft cloth.

10. Acrylic sheet has excellent weather resistance, high nominal softness and surface gloss, and poor low temperature performance.

11. The abrasion resistance of acrylic sheet is on the verge of using aluminum, and it is occasionally resistant to the corrosion of various chemicals.

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