Many women like to cut and style their hair, so much so that they visit Salon Vancouver more than once a month. However, other people usually don't want to go to a hair salon because they only go to such a place twice or even once a year.

The simple reason many women hate going to salons is because they have had one or more bad experiences with haircuts so you can now go with Haircut Vancouver. Their hairstyles are so flattering and worse, making it difficult to deal with hair tresses , and because of this experience, they are afraid or hate going to the salon. They rarely go to a professional hairdresser, they even choose to trim or cut their hair.

If your hair style is not good and you dare not go to any salon now, then you just need to remember that when it comes to hair styles, not all hair styles are good for you. Correctly, the likable hairstyle will largely depend on the shape of your face. Therefore, the reason you may have had an unflattering Haircut Vancouver before is that the style is not the best style for your face shape.

To understand which hairstyle is best for your face shape, you need to first understand the different common shapes. The following are the common shapes of the face and the type of hairstyle or style that best suits each:

Round - The wide bones of the round face are wide and long. If your face is round, your chin line will also be round and full.

For women with round faces, the best hairstyle is long hair with layered bangs. Or gradual coarse hair, because this can make the face become slender.

Heart-Shaped -  The heart-shaped face on the forehead is wide, the face at the bone is wide, and the face at the chin is very narrow.

For people with a face, the best hairstyle is to flatten the bones without covering the chin. You can ask your hairdresser to provide you with a chin-style bob with tapered ends.

Diamond - The diamond face is slightly longer than the width. The chin is pointed and the bone height is the widest part of this type of shape.

Anyone with a diamond-shaped face should get a haircut so that they can get rid of the huge bone structure. Recommended hairstyles include complete classic short haircuts or layered hairstyles with flaps.

Oval - The oval face is the widest at the bone and has a tapered narrow jaw line.

If you have an oval face, consider your luck: almost all hairstyles are great for you. To get more ideas and about choosing the right hairstyle, Click here :-