Air layer fabrics are generally used as surface accessories for clothing. There are two ways to form it. One is to soak pure cotton and other fabrics in a chemical solution, cover the fabric with many fine hairs, and then form a thin air layer. The other is to sew two different fabrics together. The gaps between the fabrics are also called air layers.

The structure of the air layer fabric is a three-layer structure inside, inside and outside, and there is an air interlayer between each layer. This structure determines that the fabric will have a good thermal insulation effect. Some elastic filling yarns can be filled between the inner, middle and outer interlayers, which not only keeps warm but also increases the elasticity of the fabric.

This sandwich structure can absorb moisture in the air, so the cloth has good water absorption and water retention performance, and the air layer fabric will not wrinkle no matter how it is folded. Finally, the air layer fabric is easy to shape and does not need to be locked. On the side, there are many choices of fabric colors.

1. The air layer fabric has a particularly obvious effect on cold-proof and warmth. According to the structure design, the inner, middle and outer three pieces of textile structure are selected, so a gas barrier is generated in the textile, and the middle layer is filled with strong fluffy and good ductility to produce a static air layer. Has the best protection against cold and warmth.

2. The air layer fabric is not easy to cause wrinkles, and has strong moisture/(water) sweat absorption-this is also the distinctive feature of the three-layer structure of the air layer fabric. The middle gap is large and the surface layer is made of pure cotton fabric. The role of moisture absorption and moisturizing.

3. Good ductility and fluffy touch, because the weaving method of warp and weft yarns selected for the air layer fabric is more ductile than the knitwear knitting method.

4. Fewer defects, the air layer fabric is made of three pieces of textile structure, which is the inner, middle and outer fabric, which results in fewer garment defects than the single fabric.

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