There are two main ways of dyeing fabrics. One is to weave the base fabric first and then dye the fabric with dyes, and the other is to dye the yarn first and then weave the fabric with the dyed yarn. We call the fabric made by dyeing the yarn and then weaving it as yarn dyed fabric. Yarn dyed fabric has many functional characteristics. In order to give you a better understanding of yarn dyed fabrics, Wujiang Wanshiyi will introduce yarn dyed fabrics in detail below.

What is yarn dyed fabric? What are the characteristics of yarn-dyed fabrics?

1. This method of dyeing and then weaving can make the color of the fabric more permeable, and the color of the fabric will be firmer and less likely to fade. However, the production process of yarn-dyed fabrics will be more complicated than ordinary dyed fabrics. It also increases processing costs invisibly, so the price of yarn-dyed fabrics will be higher than ordinary fabrics.

2. The color of the fabric made by the yarn-dyed method will be more colorful and full, and it will also go through the process of washing during the processing, which can make the fabric more resistant to washing and shrinking, and the yarn-dyed garments are not prone to shrinkage, wrinkles, etc. phenomenon.

3. The characteristics of yarn-dyed fabrics have a lot to do with the base fabric. The yarn-dyed cotton is soft and breathable, and the yarn-dyed linen is retro and wear-resistant. You can choose the fabric according to your needs.

The price of yarn-dyed fabrics: The price of yarn-dyed fabrics is mainly affected by raw materials and workmanship, ranging from 10 to 30 to 40 yuan per meter. A large number of yarn-dyed fabrics are also available. Friends who need to buy yarn-dyed fabrics can also Go to the mall to choose their favorite style, and I also recommend a twill yarn-dyed fabric below.

Twill yarn-dyed fabric: The cost of this yarn-dyed fabric is 100% cotton.

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