When we use acrylic fish tanks, we must pay attention to some problems. If the acrylic fish tank is used abnormally, there may be a danger of bursting, so we must be very careful. Next, let's discuss the reasons for the burst failure of a large-scale acrylic fish tank.

1. The thickness and quality of glass must be mastered

To choose the standard size of glass produced by a regular manufacturer, like 7-thick glass, we should use it cautiously. It is no problem to make a small fish tank with a size of less than one meter. The standard size is more than one meter. It's hard to say. The other is the thickness of the glass. If you can thicken it, you shouldn't be too thin. we all know.

2. Pay attention to the specifications of the fish tank

This is a narrow and tall fish tank of the same size, its pressure will be greater, and the risk will be higher with a higher coefficient of explosion phenomenon, so we are making a sink. The size of the sink is made according to the finished size, and the sink is relatively high, and the corresponding reinforcement is added. ..

Three, the glue is uniform and no bubbles

For the manufacture of glass, the demand for plastic fish tanks is very expensive and of good quality. Some fish tanks have been used for 15 years without any problems. When you glue the glue together, it must be uniform in size and no bubbles are formed, so we don't have a problem.

Four, appropriately extend the drying time

Some fish friends are very sharp. After the glue ran out, they rushed to drain the water. The plastic glass is not completely dry, and the tank will suddenly crack one day. In summer, when the sun is very hot, the fish tank can be placed 24 hours after the sun. In winter, it depends on the test questions. Our teacher can check whether it is soft by pressing the glass glue with hand.

5. The fish tank is not placed evenly

This is also a large-scale fish tank bursting, resulting in uneven structural force, one of the reasons for the burst of Chinese glass. Don't touch the hard bottom of the tank. There are some suggestions that are relatively soft cushions, such as foam boards and polyurethane boards.

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