As a professional manufacturer of mattress fabrics, Xiaoshan Rongli Company briefly introduces the relevant knowledge of latex mattresses.

1. Molded by evaporation, it has countless pores, good air permeability, and because the surface of the pores is smooth, so mites cannot be attached, and a very important feature of latex juice is that the fragrance it emits makes many mosquitoes Don't want to come close. Excellent elasticity, no deformation, washable and durable. It is a good material for health;

2. Natural latex is made of rubber tree sap and is molded by evaporation. Because of its numerous pores, it has good air permeability; at the same time, latex has excellent elasticity and is not easy to deform. Good quality latex mattresses are made of natural latex. It has good resilience, can prevent mites and antibacterial, can also meet the needs of people of different weights, and its good support can adapt to the various sleeping positions of sleepers.

3. Latex is a good gift from nature for human sleep. Latex mattresses and pillows are the mainstream top bedding in advanced countries in the world. In Europe, they found that to eliminate fatigue and sleep, natural bedding must be used to provide continuous support and a feeling of softness. The unique characteristics of latex can not only meet the needs of consumers but also meet the trend of returning to the new life of nature, which is to respect oneself and pursue the greatest comfort in life. So every year, millions of Europeans buy natural latex bedding.

Disadvantages of latex mattress:

1. Latex itself cannot prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet rays, the oxidation process is faster.

2. Real latex cannot be formed. The purity of latex rubber in the so-called natural latex is only 20%-40%, most of which are proteins and sugars. Latex must be added with alkalis to extend the storage time.

3. However, latex has an allergenic effect, and about 8% of people will be allergic to latex.

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