New Air Force 1 often reflects current trends. As work clothes continue to grow, the value of related earth tones is also rising. Therefore, in response, the brand offered a simple, somewhat retro-style "dark chocolate" color. Along the appearance of the couple, the nominal color shows up, wearing from the front foot to the back. Even shoelaces, linings and tongues also choose to supplement, although everyone likes a few shallow shadows. The adjacent Swoosh and heel tags counter grain in a variety of ways, using white neutral materials and perforated leather. Below, the tools are more or less suitable, adjusting a dark gum bottom and a bright midsole.

New 2021 Jordans was first launched in 2017, mainly for special projects. For example: two pairs of capsules by Tokyo artist Yamami. With NikeAirForce1 and Nike low-top tops, the upcoming series prefer a simple, non-white color palette. However, Yamase used a weird approach to create an animation of each pair of uppers, adding earthy soft tones to the swirls, tongue tags and heels of the uppers. Like the previously announced Swoosh's flying leather proposition, the two uppers are composed of at least 50% recycled leather fibers, bringing the North American brand closer to its mission of "going to zero" for sustainable development. Although the low-top jacket and the low-top Air Force 1 have many of the same design details, the latter and the translucent rubber sole unit will definitely find huge publicity.

Where to Buy Yeezy revealed the second answer IV color matching, a replica of the iconic "one step". Although the initial fans are frustrated, they will be happy to discover that the plan will return in an accurate manner in June of this year. In order to build the stage, the so-called "one step beyond" took place more than 20 years ago in 2001, in the first match of this year's final. On Iverson's feet, Answer IV proudly flaunted its monochromatic appearance, and 20 years later it started to do so again. The black clothes were worn from the toes to the back, covering the tools and the entire counter. Then, the slightly tumbling leather, in contrast to the above, chose a bright white along the rest of the outline, tongue and strap. Elsewhere, the athlete's portrait is hidden on the outsole to complement the signature seen on the heel.