Festivale became a touch distinct in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, wherein players were tasked with catching colored feathers from the sky with a net, just like the Maple and Cherry Blossom occasions in New Horizons. If they grew to become these feathers in to Pavé, it might permit them to get hold of the event furniture, in addition to getting to see Pavé carry out a special dance. Villagers also wore feathered headdresses for the duration of the event to Animal Crossing Bells provide the metropolis a festive experience. While players should still engage in games with villagers, the wide variety of available games turned into decreased from what gamers should do in City Folk.

Currently, nothing has been officially announced for what players will see upon Pavé's arrival in New Horizons. However, if the plucky peacock is coming to be the host of Festivale again, it is able to be assumed that there can be a colorful day of sports inside the near future for fanatics. Changes might be made to Festivale to extend the formerly protected event games and series obligations, as well as the potential addition of interesting new clothing and the chance to Buy Animal Crossing Bells purchase or craft Festivale-themed decorations and DIY recipes. Festivale could bring a a laugh splash of coloration to Animal Crossing: New Horizons this February as lovers get equipped to release into the fishing, crafting and activities of warmer months to return.