An infinity swimming pool means that you can't swim to the end. It doesn't mean that the pool is big and has no barriers; but swimming in it means you can't swim to the end, but it is not really infinite, but the infinity swimming pool has its unique function. , I will explain to you below.

1. The infinity swimming pool will never swim to the end?

The infinity swimming pool is not the beautiful super swimming pool in those leisure resorts, but the private swimming pool. This kind of swimming pool is very special, small in size, and can be placed in a room. Of course, this is not a children's pool. Swimming in it, you may never hit a wall, don't worry about space, how long do you want to swim, and realize your endless swimming dreams. Compared with traditional civilian swimming pools, the infinity swimming pool has laminar flow propellers, which are used to promote water flow, imitating the flow rate and direction of the river, and can freely adjust the water flow power to achieve the effect of non-swimming. It is worth mentioning that the training with professional players is also excellent.

2. Can the infinity swimming pool be used in winter?

Yes, that's right. Our swimming pool has a constant temperature system, which can keep the water temperature in the swimming pool, even if you swim in the pool in the cold winter. Infinity swimming pool and hot water temperature adjustment function. You can also use the structure of air energy heat pump. It is an environmentally friendly, new energy source. It realizes low temperature heat energy transferred to high temperature heat function. Through thermal energy saving, it is free in the air, long-term and stable. The required private swimming pool, the hot water temperature of 28 ℃, even in Northern Europe and the Northeast, you can still swim, so you can feel the joy of the season.

3. How to install the swimming pool?

The infinity pool is simple to install, easy to use and maintain, and easy to follow up. The installation process usually only takes 1-2 days. Embedded, semi-embedded, embedded full, flat, etc. In the other anti-virus automatic cleaning system, the water quality can be maintained for 60 days: according to the installation site conditions, most of the current installations include different methods to choose normal, green, worry-free and save money.

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