Baby mattrrss fabric refers to the mattress used by children under one year old. The baby is in the developmental stage and has a soft body. If not paying attention, it will easily lead to stunted growth. Baby mattresses have higher standards and are different from adults. The main function is to support the body, prevent spine deformation, promote blood circulation, etc., which is conducive to the healthy development of babies.

The following points should be considered when choosing a baby mattress:

1. Safety and environmental protection The resistance of babies is poor. The mattress is the most used place. Different from ordinary mattresses, baby mattresses have higher requirements. To protect the safety of children, the mattress should be 100% environmentally friendly and zero formaldehyde odorless.

2. The hardness is suitable for the baby's body shape, effectively preventing the spine from deforming, promoting blood circulation, and benefiting the baby's development. To identify softness and hardness, a baby of 3kg can sleep on the bed with a depression of about 1cm, and the hardness is suitable.

3. Reduce the deformation of the baby's head, prevent the baby's nerve damage, allow the baby to move freely, and prevent the head from becoming flat.

4. High air permeability, washable babies stay on the mattress for a long time, overflowing milk and spitting milk are easy to breed bacteria, and the mattress needs to be kept dry at all times.

The inner liner materials of the mattress are: spring, sponge, latex, inflatable, 3D, generally sponge memory foam, inflatable mattresses are relatively soft, not suitable for babies, latex is harder, natural latex smells latex, and people who are prone to allergies Not suitable. The 3D material is composed of 100% fiber. It is a hard mattress, suitable for the development of the baby's cervical spine. It has a hollow three-dimensional structure and is extremely breathable. It is recommended that you can find a mattress of this material on Taobao Tmall.

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